Welcome to Food 4 Kids, a ministry of WCH Grace Methodist Church!
WHAT IS IT? We provide food for hungry students on weekends.
WHO RECEIVES FOOD? Students in Grades 1-12 in WCHCS who have been identified by staff members as having food instability. These students would have little or nothing to eat over the weekend if we did not provide them with food.
WHAT IS THE COST TO US? Just as the price of food has increased for your family, it has increased for the backpack program. Currently, the cost of a bag of groceries for a weekend is approximately $3.50. We are averaging 166 students each week. This is a cost of about $600 weekly.
WHAT DOES THIS INCLUDE? On a regular 2 day weekend each student will receive either a box of mac n cheese or a can of pasta, a can of fruit or veggies, a single serving fruit, ramen noodles, individual packs of cereal and oatmeal, granola bar, bag of peanuts, and cheese crackers. Additional servings are added on longer weekends; and on holiday breaks, a jar of peanut butter is included.
OUR APPRECIATION FOR YOU: Thank you to everyone who has donated money and time to feeding hungry kids. School personnel are genuinely thankful that we are caring for “their kids.” We are deeply grateful that food is available, and we have a church that supports feeding hungry children.

For the 2022-2023 school year, the Food 4 Kids ministry team packed 5,825 bags!